Popular Disciplines Delivered

Engineering Design Build – Concrete and Steel Structures – Maintenance of Motion Equipment, Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic – Metal Buildings – Piping – Ventilation – Automation Logic Controls

125-ton crane lift
Erection of tower that we detailed and fabricated at our fab shop and transported to jobsite
Replacement of C4 roller bearing
heavy duty slide gate
1″ plate slide gate preparation for installation
cooling tower piping
pipe fit up on pipe rack
concrete placement
concrete work is a noble profession
concrete placement thru drilling fluid
6ft x 40ft deep foundation piles thru fluid
hydro-demolition of concrete
20,000 psi water stream removes concrete without damaging rebar steel
on rope
remote access practiced with proven equipment and methods sealing leaking whole grain spout pipe 132ft above ground level
confined space entry into 90ft depth grain tank
confined space entry into a 90ft depth grain tank on a twin rope system powered by tripod winch system over acccess hatch